Beauty Talk

Oyoung application allow doctor, customer can communicate directly on beauty and health interest. Customer can send the same request up to five doctors at the same time.

Customer can send photos, videos, documentation throughout Beauty Talk so that doctor can understand customer needs better.

Customer and Doctor do not need translator or interpretation as Beauty Talk provide you a built-in translation capability.

Customer can get price quotation and compare with other offers.

Beauty Talk alert users if there is specific occasion that requires user attention.

Remote Medical Consultation

Oyoung application allow doctor, customer and coordinator can have remote medical consultation wherever they are.

Oyoung IT technology make customer feel if the customer is at real consultation with doctor.

This technology have three unique components

1) Virtual outpatient Schedule Management

  • Doctor opens outpatient schedule
  • Customer can pick consultation schedule

2) Consultation

  • During consultation, doctor can have customer’s information in synchronizing with IoT Digital Health peripherals such as blood pressure, BMI, X-ray that allow doctor to have more accurate diagnosis and recommendation

3) Report

Consultation report can be captured from remote medical consultation and can be shared for doctor and customer

Speech Recognition Consultation Report

  • Oyoung’s speech recognition and content summarization technology, consultation reports can be generated automatically for reference and further actions.
  • Speech recognition is conducted by reading video feed for remote consultation
  • Both customer and doctor do not need summarize consultation.

Clinic Rating based on Big Data and Algorithm

Our technology help customers select right clinics from true ratings sans buzz and advertisements. We use the following process from IT.

    • Collect Data from many different sources including social networks excluding Ads.
    • Conduct Data analysis
    • Data visualization using algorithm.