Korea is well-recognized as one of the top countries with ahead-of-the trend innovation and competencies in health and beauty treatment, yet it can be confusing for consumers who are searching for the right treatment and competent doctors. I started OYOUNG after witnessing a close friend seeking surgery for her sister but she could not get answers after sending many emails to Korean hospitals and clinics. We have an overload of information online and in social media but we also have no idea if the information is authentic and trusty-worthy. I want to respond to my family and friends who are asking for the best doctors and services in relation to their specific needs for health and beauty treatments in Korea. My team and I are fully committed to this mission – we exert ourselves to the fullest to best serve every single moment of our customers’ care journey because OYOUNG is for family and friends.

Founder and CEO of Oyoung Beauty,

Kim Eden