Cell Program


Understanding the worries and concerns of people we love is the greatest motivation for us to launch the OYOUNG Stem Cell Program.

Employee A:

“My mother’s knees started hurting last year. She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis.  She has tried several treatments but didn’t get any better. Every time she wakes up, her legs feel numb and sometimes they hurt so much that she couldn’t get off the bed by herself. She also has difficulty walking down the stairs. My mother is very depressed because of the pain in her knees and also the fear that she may not be able to walk properly again… ”

Employee B:

“My father has been diagnosed with diabetes type-2 a few months ago. Just in half a year, he has lost a lot of weight and is always in a state of fatigue. His liver and kidney functions have also deteriorated a lot… I’m really worried and I have been trying to look for an effective treatment to improve my father’s health.”

Employee C:

“My hair begins to fall off a lot lately. I don’t know whether it’s due to the stress from work or because I haven’t been taking proper care of my health. The hair loss symptoms are getting worse and the situation has not improved although I have tried many treatments. I’m afraid that if my hair continues to fall out like this, I will become bald. Is there a really effective treatment to get my hair growing again?”

OSP- Oyoung Stem Cell Program



OSP Research and Development team and their families are the first to participate and experience the program. Therefore, safety is the most important principle that cannot be compromised.  Safety is verified again and again at every step of the program.


No matter how good the seeds are sown, it is difficult to produce good fruit if the soil is poor.  OYOUNG maximizes the effectiveness of the program with a comprehensive prescription to improve the overall health of customers.


Do you rarely read your medical test report because the content was so difficult to understand?  It’s not easy to record and manage your health status information after every treatment, right?  Customers can now easily check your medical test results, treatment schedule and health status records all within the OYOUNG application.


OSP creates an ecosystem that can simplify the customer’s treatment process. We work hard to ensure that customers can benefit from our collaboration with many programs such as Homecare services, Umbilical Cord Stem cell therapy, Membrane-free Stem cell therapy, Intervention by Angiography and also Insurance program.


1. Consultation and Preparation (1-12 weeks)
STEP 1. Contact-free Consultation with OYOUNG’s Coordinator

OYOUNG provides contact-free consultation to understand customer’s conditions and needs.


STEP 2. Basic Information and Blood Test

The next step is collecting customer’s basic vital information and doing blood test. Customers can choose either to directly visit OYOUNG Cell center or OYOUNG’s partner hospital, or the Homecare service medical staff will visit customer’s home or designated location.  Basic vital information will be measured using smart devices that are linked to the OYOUNG application and customers can check their health status immediately.


STEP 3. Test Analysis and Report

Customers can view the following test results in the OYOUNG application.

Vital Information

We use smart devices linked to the OYOUNG application to collect health assessment data. Customers can view their current health status information such as body temperature, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation, weight, body fat mass and visceral fat level.

Health Questionnaire

Customers will answer a health questionnaire including medical history, use of medication and dietary supplements as well as what you wish to achieve through the program.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are performed to determine if the customer’s own fat tissues can be used for stem cell culture. In addition, cancers and diseases can be prevented by testing for infection, potential cancers and NK Cell activity.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is our service that screens customers for hereditary diseases and disorders, it can predict genetic risk for 12 major cancers and 23 common diseases such as dementia, cardiovascular disease and eye disease. It also helps customers to manage metabolic syndrome and have better health management with personalized gene-based advice for obesity, diet and exercise. Through Genetic Testing, the effectiveness of OYOUNG Stem Cell Program can be maximized through disease prevention, early diagnosis and customized prescription.

Toxic and Essential Elements Profiles

Nowadays, people are excessively contaminated with toxic metals while minerals in food are increasingly scarce, causing the human body to absorb more toxic metals instead of minerals. When toxic metals enter the enzyme binding site that nutrient minerals must occupy, the enzyme function is inhibited or over-activated, causing disease. After analyzing the test results, we will present the method to detoxify toxic metals in the body to maximize the effectiveness of OYOUNG Stem Cell Program.

Food Intolerance Profiles

This is the test of IgG antibody levels to more than 200 types of foods. A high concentration of IgG means that the body’s immune response to the food is strong. The effectiveness of OYOUNG Stem Cell Program can be maximized with a proposed diet plan based on the test result.

STEP 4. Comprehensive Prescription

Customer’s health status information and test results are aggregated and analyzed by OYOUNG’s AI system and then compared with the clinical treatment database.  We will then guide you through the comprehensive prescription upon consultation with OYOUNG’s multidisciplinary medical team.

2. Production and Treatment (1-12 weeks)
STEP 1. Culture and production with GMP approved facilities

For quality and safety, stem cells are cultured only in facilities approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after obtaining Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.


STEP 2. Safety Check

After the culture phase, stem cells must be tested for safety before being used for treatment.

Endotoxin Test

Mycoplasma Test

Cell count Test

Sterility Test


STEP 3. Delivery

Products will be safely delivered to OYOUNG Cell Center or OYOUNG’s partner hospitals using cold chain delivery to ensure product quality.


STEP 4. Treatment

Treatment will be done by Intravenous injection (IV) or Direct injection (DI) according to the prescription at customer’s home or designated location.


OYOUNG is constantly striving to provide the most convenient services to customers.

We provide contact-free medical consultation directly from Korea to customers anytime, anywhere.

Medical history, test results, treatment schedule and health status records

All health information can be easily checked in the OYOUNG application.

With our Homecare services, customers can receive treatment comfortably at home.